Monday, June 18, 2012

Have you planted a Pearltree today?

This article is cross posted at the Technology & Learning Advisor blog.

If you have not checked out Pearltrees then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Pearltrees is one of the newest social bookmarking sites to hit the web that takes a very innovative approach to content curation. At first, I didn't think that I was going to be able to get much value out if this site, but after I used it for a while, I can really see its value. If you are a visual thinker then this is a great way to store and organize your bookmarks.

When you're ready to go all you have you do is "plant" your first Pearltree, this is the category or topic of your links,  and then add your pearls, which are the websites that you want to store.  From there you can "branch out" and continue to "grow" your tree by adding more pearls. The entire tree collapses and expands to show all of your links.  You can also re-organize your pearls or create new tress from what you have.  Your tree is a fluid graphical interface that can be "pruned" and "cultivated."

Once you have created your trees you can share them with others on social media or invite people to collaborate on a tree with you on the Pearltree site. You can also search out others trees and either team up with them or "pick" some pearls to use on your own tree. They also have a browser plugin that they call the "Pearler." Pearltrees  site also has a feature that will recommend trees of related interests.



I must say that this really works for me and it will for any other person that is a visual thinker.  Once you really get the hang of it, it really makes sense and you will find yourself having a great time organizing, collaborating and discovering Pearltrees.